here are some cool sites that i've found just looking around (links will open in a new tab):

wiccan circle of friends: an archived website about wicca/paganism

faery forest : archived site with poetry and other fantasy stuff

spacefurry : archived furry art site

kiarrcats of ryll : a site about a fantasy species

bits n' bobstones : a watership down fansite

satan's rapture : self explanatory

nailbunnyjthm : an archived jthm fansite

my forever friend : archived personal/poetry site

draken : archived personal site/art galleries of fantasy creatures

divanta's pages : fantasy art etc.

Mike Iverson's Tabs : banjo tabs (clawhammer mostly)

mileshouse : miles FUCKING kitaro

ghosthaus : bungle

scapegoat : cool webcomic

wyvy's lair : wyvy!

sunmourner : sunmourner's site

liquid : little funny friend liquid

my toyhouse : this is my toyhouse page for some of my ocs. its a little empty

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