tarot decks were used for card games in europe in the 15th century. divination with tarot cards has been recorded as early as the 16th century. each card has its own meaning and meanings when the card is drawn inverse, but its up to you to interpret what they mean and you are in control of the answers that the cards provide to your question. divination is just looking for answers through tools that provide you a push in the right direction. it's impossible to tell the future, but divination can provide us answers for questions we may have about the future. what step to take next? what should you do about x or y situation? divination provides insight into these sort of questions and help guide you to a conclusion.

you don't have to use just tarot for divination. some people use tea leaves, runes, you can literally use anything. most people prefer to use cards because it's simple and you can use any card deck- not just tarot cards for divination. usually, these alternate card decks are called oracle decks.

my decks:

i've been collecting divination/tarot decks for a little while now. there are so many cool ones and you don't even have to be into this sort of thing to collect them, most of the time i just buy them for the art.

tarot of pagan cats:

this was the first tarot deck that i ever bought. the art is nostalgic and really inspirational, sometimes i just like to go through the deck and look at all the little details on each card. you can find this deck and the mini version on amazon.

edward gorey's fantod pack:

this is an oracle deck instead of a tarot deck but it's really unique and interesting. the art is illustrated by edward gorey and is super cool/dark looking. each card has a slew of really negative, bizarre possibilites for the future. this one can also be found on amazon!

bird ov prey's oracle deck:

bird ov prey's oracle deck has a lot of masonic and other esoteric symbols. the deck has no real 'meaning' assigned to any of the cards challenging you to assign your own meanings to the different ones.

here are some links to read more about tarot and other forms of divination

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biddy tarot - another helpful site with a lot of information
golden thread tarot- an app for iphone/android that will help you learn tarot
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