petz stuff

ive been playing petz for such a long time and used to browse the web for petz crewsites/download sites and mod my game/play it for hours. i fell out of playing it as i got a little older. recently i got back into my old windows 2000 laptop and got the files for the game onto my current computer. i think its really great that there's still a pretty big community for all versions of petz games and there's a lot of talented creators out there!

what is petz?

petz is a virtual pet game that originally came out around 1995. petz are unique and can have different personalities/behaviors which you learn as they grow from puppy/kitten to adult. there are minigames and you can teach them tricks and that's really all there is to it ! its just a really, simple fun little game which was a big piece of my childhood and im happy it's still around today. you can download petz 4 from caradobe kennel if you would like to try and play the game for yourself. you will have to change your screen to a lower resolution for the game to work properly!
click here to go to an archived version of the original pfmagic petz site !

my petz

petz websites

here are some websites with downloads, resources or other petz-related things.

PUGS/Petz Universal Game Site: PUGS is a site for people to sell adoptions/hexed pets for online points. you can collect points by playing games, mining and voting in polls. you can set up your own store.
whiskerwick: whiskerwick is a forum for petz stuff. there are games, contest and places to post adoptions/hexies and other boards just to socialize within the community.
RKC petz forum: another petz forum along the same lines as whiskerwick.
pine cone cattery: a site that's been around for a really long time! there are downloads, tips and other things to explore here and it's a really nostalgic piece from the past.
carolyn's creations: another really nostalgic site that's been around forever. a ton of fun stuff to download and lots of help/tips for the games.
wordfire's petz:some downloads and other things.
Minibyte's petz archive:an archived version of minibyte's site, a website that was really near and dear to my heart that sort of disappeared off of the internet. there were lots of downloads and i used to spend a lot of time on here lmfao.
pixelmaux:a really nice looking crewsite with some downloads.
gossipin:site with some downloads, games, tutorials and other resources.
hexpedia: a site with resources/tutorials for you so you can learn how to hex your very own petz.
cirrutopia: another old site that's still kicking. breed downloads, resources and tutorials.