fandom stuff

here's a list of some of the things i like- games, movies, books, shows, whatever.






black metal, folk, apocalyptic, industrial, synth, acoustic, black folk/neofolk/apocalyptic folk, classical, current 93, ghost BC, dead or alive, the cure, old tower, malice mizer, gackt, mother mother, toadies, mindless self indulgence, animal collective, radical face, lorn, amanda palmer, MIA, polaris, sneaker pimps, fief, MGMT, rome, modest mouse, PUP, baths, NIN, arcade fire, radiohead john fahey, lemon demon, nails, fleet foxes, new order, whitewoods, drangsal, dryads, son lux, erang,andrew bird, owen pallett/final fantasy, sun o))), king dude, simon & garfunkle, otwatm, Сруб, MC salo, kraftwerk, timber timbre, 65daysofstatic, chaucerian myth, grimes, snarling clearing, stupeflip, OrelSan, farin urlaub racing team, DyE, STRFKR, tyler the creator, funny death, drip-133, the mountain goats, balin's tomb.... And Many More


lord of the rings, the hobbit, warriors, mythology, HP lovecraft, ASOIAF, foxfire, red dragon, pnin





movies & TV

star wars (original and new trilogy), lord of the rings, harry potter, filth, come and see, silence of the lambs, red dragon, logan lucky, true detective, the young pope, the revenant, wolf's rain, trigun,dunkirk, beyond the black rainbow, hungry hearts, NBC hannibal, trainspotting, the witch, fargo, mindhunter, berserk, ergo proxy, paprika


portal, stardew valley, darkest dungeon, dark souls, bloodborne, animal crossing, magician's quest, skyrim, oblivion, penumbra, amnesia, dangan ronpa, haunting ground, idk haha i dont really play a lot of video games these days