my cats

ive been a cat person my whole entire life. never had a dog or any other kind of pet besides lizards, it's always been cats. currently i have 3 cats who are all very special in their own individual ways, so i decided to make a page for them so that you could meet them too.

finny is the oldest of the 3 being about 5 years old even though she was adopted after bagheera. she was the oldest cat in the shelter at the time and had been returned by the previous owners, so her chances of getting adopted were slim. we took her home though and she was Best Buddeys with bagheera right off the bat ! she's small and has big feet and a big meow but shes a little antisocial and prefers to just chill out in weird places instead of sit next to you. loves to play tag, hates being kissed on the head.

bagheera is the second oldest and absolutely massive. he's got little vampire fangs and huge claws but just wants to be held. his meow is broken so he just sort of chirps instead and he loves to curl right up in your arm, throw a leg across you and fall asleep for a few hours. bagheera is also a shelter cat who we got just before finny a few years ago. hes very soft and silky and is a very Gentle boy but loves to get rowdy on occassion. loves being held, hates when its 3 am and no one is awake to feed him his special food.

baby is the youngest out of everybody. originally, we were just supposed to be keeping him for a little while but he ended up staying with us, my manager from my old job had found him in a parking lot and i took him home. we never figured out a name for him but since he was so little we were always calling him baby and it just sort of stuck from there on out and its exactly what he is........ a spoiled ass baby.......... he's my little buddy and will come sit with me pretty much all day if im in my room working on something. he can be kind of a brat but is very affectionate and loves to chew on your chin/nose/eybrow. he's not as photogenic as the others and his face markings just make him look like he's covered in gunk.. but he's still cute. loves to get into trouble, hates being picked up when he doesn't want to be.

check back later as i add more photos of these guys!