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Casimir Jean-Baptiste (Baptiste/Father Baptiste)

Age: Immortal, but appears middle-aged.
Species: hellhound
About: born with an unfortunate marking and cast out of hell, baptiste adapted to life on the surface world by becoming a priest under the guidance of xavier. baptiste has a rough personality and tends to be easily annoyed by others. he's not exactly devoted to his religion and views his servitude as only a job. deadpan and indifferent to most things. sensitive to sunlight and holy water; unskilled at exorcisms. has an interesting collection of unconventional leather and rubber clothing. has masochistic inclinations and enjoys fine art and music.
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Age: immortal, seems young.
Species: hellhound, infected with vampirism
About: already at a disadvantage of being the runt, nechtan contracted vampirism soon after hatching. his older sister, beleth, lets him feed off of the corpses from the souls she harvests. he's quite and moody and seems stand-offish and reflective. tends to hold deep-seated grudges and has a slow, nasty temper. extra sensitive to sunlight, can turn into a swarm of flies or bats at will. when blood is in short supply, he tends to become antsy and easy to anger, prone to lashing out. luckily, nechtan very rarely has to worry about going hungry. however, if he succumbs to his starvation...
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The Reverend Monsignor Alistair Xavier (Xavier/Monsignor Xavier)

Age: Unknown
Species: angel (principality) About: elegant and patient yet still bombastic, xavier is the monsignor of the church him and baptiste reside in. unnaturally tall and graceful, xavier seems to carry an air of arrogance around him and is extremely confident. he blends in seamlessly with the world around him in order to protect his church, its workers and its congregation. he does a good job at being empathetic and charismatic but in actuality has very little taste for those around him. most refer to him amongst themselves as a prude and stuck up- but never to his face. xavier is extremely devoted to his religion to the point of being obsessive, especially with his rank as a principality within his species' circle. he's stern and can be overly-critical, making him slightly feared within the hierarchy of the church.
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Age: immortal
Species: hellhound
About: hot-headed and determined, beleth is known and revered for her nasty temper and loud ways. physically powerful, beleth is well known for her success in the sport of reaping. reaping souls is popular among hellhounds for fun and it can get extremely competitive- beleth is on top. she's slightly protective of her younger brother and his illness- but only because of their blood relation. emotionally, they don't seem very close yet she still goes out of her way to provide fresh, living blood for her brother to feed on. beleth is difficult to get close to, her personality making her stone-cold emotionally and prone to strike out when she feels threatened. it's very easy to get into a fight with her and she wont walk away until she's won. beleth is passionate, abrasive and can come off as rude but deep inside she truly cares for those she loves, even though she tends to hide it.
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